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Man of Prayer Enveloped in Gold Sweet Contemplation Weeping Angel Angel Prayer Veritasse
Deep Calls to Deep Gold cellist Men of Breaking Hearts Sacred Self The Journey
Longing Grace drawing Precious drawing Man of sorrows Ballerina studies

'Beauty is truth, truth, beauty' Keats

Alongside my architectural work I continue to develop a body of figurative pieces looking at aspects our humanness, set in the context of my own walk of faith. This has led to my involvement in the now well established Oxford Lent Concerts which use icons as part of a creative medley of music and writing each year. Many of the figurative pieces focus on conveying aspects of the human character which tend to come to light when all else is stripped away; our vulnerability, brokenness, longing and compassion. As Simone Weil says, ‘Beauty gives us such a vivid sense of the presence of something good, that we look for some purpose there. Along with affliction, beauty compels us to ask, Why?’

‘Men of Breaking Hearts’ and ‘Man of Prayer’ came in part in response to my reading of Tozer’s ‘The Pursuit of God’ which draws on how we engage with Christ, both in His sufferings and His joy. Both pieces depict men praying out of compassion, and are vigorously rendered to convey this sense of engagement with reality.

The immediacy and expression of work by Kathe Kollwitz, alongside writings by Simone Weil, John O'Donohue and Thomas à Kempis, amongst others, are ongoing reference points in this work.