Tim Steward was born in 1975 and lives and works as a full time artist in Oxford.

Tim initially trained in Town and Country Planning in response to his love of the built environment, and after five years, following a number of drawing commissions, he decided to change direction and develop his passion for art as a career. He took a year out to study classical drawing techniques at Lavender Hill Studios in London, and then moved his attentions to drawing buildings.

Standing on the streets of Oxford in 2007, he began undertaking hundreds of exploratory drawings of the Radcliffe Camera. Working ‘en plein-air’ and at speed, over a period of a year he went through an ongoing and refining process of observing, familiarising and rendering his subject. Tim later undertook sixty drawings of iconic Oxford buildings, which now reside in the Old Parsonage Hotel in Oxford.

Since these early days, Tim has undertaken drawings of classical architecture around the country for Mitchell and Butler’s Country Premium Inns, on behalf of the Classic Country Pub Design Company, and has also developed a wide portfolio of drawings of London and Oxford, as well as undertaking study trips to Paris, Bath, Edinburgh and Rome. Familiarisation with the subject is key to his expressive style, and Tim will usually focus on particular places and buildings for an extended period of time. Over the last year this has led him to focus on Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, as well as ventures north of the border to Edinburgh.

Most of Tim’s figurative work also rests on classical themes, including studies of musicians, ballerinas and stone angels. There is a desire to capture movement and the often illusive moment, and to search for a sense of wider meaning and hope in these observations.

Of key inspiration to his work is the practice of Degas who was uncompromising in his desire to capture movement through an ever-changing use of materials and means. The immediacy and expression of work by the likes of Kollwitz and Rouault are also of great inspiration, as well as the artists, Andrea Zadorine, Bruce Herman and John Virtue.

Tim now exhibits his work around the country with Whitewall Galleries and Clarendon Fine Art, as well as having annual exhibitions at his home in Oxford. He has work in over 50 public venues and has undertaken commissioned work for a host of clients including Rick Stein, Oxford University Press, Caspian, Sanctuary Group, The Curious Group of Hotels, The Classic Country Pub Design Company, Exscientia, Kingsway Music and Ecclesiastical.