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Tim Steward was born in 1975 and has worked as a full time artist for the past fifteen years. He initially studied Town and Country Planning at Cardiff University in response to his interest in urban design and building conservation. In 2008 he subsequently trained in classical drawing and painting at Lavender Hill Studios in London, now London Fine Art Studios, under Ann Witheridge and Scott Pohlschmidt. Having been largely self taught in art, the atelier provided, amongst other things, a language and methodology to the process of drawing.

From the outset Tim's working style has been built on working outside in specific locations for an extended period of time. This began in Oxford in 2007 with his focus on the Radcliffe Camera. Over a period of a year, he undertook hundreds of drawings from different angles in pastel and pigment. Since these early days he has undertaken drawing projects in London, Bath, Florence, Paris and Rome, focusing on specific sites including St Pauls, Westminster, the Sacre Couer and the Colosseum.

Tim works largely with traditional drawing materials inspired from the old masters. Dry mediums of pastel and charcoal feature widely, as does the heavily application of pigment which has distinguished his drawing style over the years. Recently more primitive materials have also been utilised, including pieces of burnt wood, mud, sand, and wax, as part of a growing complexity of layers and textures in his mark making. This evolving development of medium is part of an innate desire to feel and express an authenticity in his work, feeling the dirt and grime of the city, and likewise the sand and sea spray on Tregardock Beach. It may be likened to a quest for beauty, a desire to feel the beauty through immersal in it, and to respond intuitively. The atmosphere or beauty propels his work, as he creates at speed, trying to capture moments in time.

Tim currently exhibits his architectural drawings around the country with Whitewall Galleries and Clarendon Fine Art, and has had solo exhibitions in London, Cheltenham, York and Bath. His work is currently on display in over fifty public venues including many of the 'Lovely Pubs and Restaurants' in Warwickshire, and over sixty drawings in the Old Parsonage Hotel in Oxford. Commissioned work has been undertaken for Rick Stein, Oxford University Press, Caspian, Sanctuary Group, The Curious Group of Hotels, The Country Pub Design Company, Exscientia, Kingsway Music and Ecclesiastical.