Doing something new

In 2016 I started drawing horses for the first time, inspired by a chance meeting one summer's evening with a beautiful horse called Mr Trooper and his owner Doris, in the field near where I live. There followed a journey into a whole new world.

Warren Hill in Newmarket is a wonderful spot to draw. Seeing the horses emerge in the morning sun, with strikes of light reflecting off their helmets and whips, and the horses themselves gleaming with rich brown tones. In the misty winter mornings more recently, the tones are more subdued, but the colours of the riders are striking against the barren landscape. I am interested in trying to work as much as I can in the fleeting moment, often drawing at high speed to capture a sense of movement. Some work, some fail, but the risk taking is worth it for the ones that work.

My wife's art tutor, once said to her, "you know when a piece is finished when it is doing something new." This phrase has been of profound inspiration this year as I have ploughed new fields in my work, sometimes painfully. The waste bin in my studio has never been so full, and yet slowly I feel progress and new means of expression developing. I give thanks to Mr Trooper.


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Doing something new

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