Over the years the expression of a sense of freedom has been key to both my style of working and chosen subject matters. To speak of the beauty of Christ is to live a life of love and whether I strive, I fail or I flow, the works are part of my expression of that freedom that can be found in seeking after God. 

The by-product from a life of seeking is what Tozer calls ‘sensitised living’, where we see and feel more intensely and where we find compassion. The Irish writer, John O’Donaghue emphasises how entering into this pure presence is a dream of the god-seeking heart. Simone Weil, the french philosopher also says, “If things are really to exist for us, they have to penetrate within us,” we have submit and the Holy Spirit has to penetrate within us.

‘Celebration Song’ was one of the first paintings I completed expressing a scene of celebration, a place where through the setting aside of self something of beauty is manifested and something of God can enter in. In these depictions the figures have been stretched, similar to some Africa figure representations, as a symbol of the people reaching up to heaven. Much of this series of work was strongly influenced by the people I have met on my travels to Mvumi in Tanzania.

Rad Cam drawings

Oxford Icons

Beauty Goodness Truth

Stripped Back


Art as Technique

Working Processes

Embracing the Foreboding


Doing something new

Drawing in Mvumi, Tanzania