Materials and Technique

I work with a wide range of medium including raw pigment, paint, ink, charcoal, gesso, chalk and pastel. I work on canson mi-teintes pastel paper and a 400g deep toothed fabriano paper. The latter is ideal for the thick application of pigment. A piece generally starts its life in willow charcoal or condensed charcoal and then builds up in layers, creating different marks and textures. With the architectural drawings in particular, I like to use black pigment to pull out the darkest shadow areas.

White gesso, gold paint, and indian ink also feature in my work, to create depth and tonal effects and these wet mediums whilst creating an interesting contrast to the dry mediums, can also be useful in creating a sense of movement in a piece Most of the time I apply medium with my hands, including both pigment and paint. I will also use brushes for the application of ink and a rag to lighten and even out areas of tone.

Rad Cam drawings

Oxford Icons

Beauty Goodness Truth

Stripped Back



Art as Technique


Embracing the Foreboding


Doing something new

Drawing in Mvumi, Tanzania