Embracing the foreboding

On the outskirts of Oxford is a pub called The Perch, and I sometimes go there in the winter months to sit by the fire. One such afternoon, I picked up a book over the fireplace called ‘Binsey: Oxford’s Holy Place’. In it I read the following by CS Lewis, speaking of a conversation with his friend Alfred Jenkins.

‘As it was a gloomy and fogged day I suggested that we should seek out fountain heads and pathless groves, or any melancholy place that would underline the mood of the day.’

This led CS Lewis and his friend Alfred to Binsey Chapel, and then on to The Perch.

The sentiments of the writing struck an immediate chord. I love CS Lewis’s sense here of embracing the day, and the weather, whatever it may be, and allowing oneself to go with it. Such intuition, of going with the flow of nature, of mood, and embracing that flow is profound. This is all part of living more rhythmically to one’s increased sense of that which is around us, and as with life, brings a flavor and richness to the process of making art, which can so easily be lost.


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